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A toll-free hotline available 24/7/365 providing workplace injury screening by registered nurses for non-life-threatening employee injuries. Click here to learn more. 

You can download FCCI's Disaster Response Bulletin and Claim Checklist to better prepare for the claim process. Click here for Spanish.

When you file a claim with FCCI, we put our claims philosophy into action. We promise to respond quickly, listen carefully, empathize with your concerns, assess the damage, communicate with you and provide a prompt and fair resolution to your claim. We are committed to "doing what we say we'll do" so you can get back to business.

FCCI Claim Handling

This video highlights how FCCI was accessible, responsive and followed through after a catastrophic loss.

We keep our promises

At FCCI, we handle claims promptly, fairly and with compassion. Our personal, customer-focused service and 60 years of experience come together to make claims a hassle-free experience for you.

We encourage our agents and policyholders to file claims as quickly as possible. The sooner a claim is reported, the sooner we can start working to help you get back to business.

We also take a teaming approach to Risk Control and Claims Services that sets us apart from other carriers. When Claims and Risk Control work together, we can provide risk management strategies that increase safety and may even prevent potential losses.

File a claim

As soon as you file a claim, our team will begin working to resolve it fairly and efficiently.

Our teams specialize in

Claims Management
Our office, field and resident adjusters handle claims with local knowledge, jurisdictional expertise and personal contact.

Medical Case Management
Our registered nurses review treatment plans to get injured people back to health and back to work with optimal results.

Catastrophic Claims
Our highly trained adjusters handle the most severe human and property losses with proficiency and sensitivity.

Medical Bill Review
Our expert team controls costs by working with Preferred Provider Networks, negotiating hospital fees and applying discounts on medical bills and prescriptions.

Auto Physical Damage
Our commercial auto claims service gets your business back on the road quickly.

Recovery and Subrogation
Our recovery from other at-fault parties keeps costs and premiums down.

Special Investigations
Our investigators work to prevent and combat fraud before it affects your bottom line.

Accelerated Claims Settling
Fast Track is an accelerated claims settling group for certain low complexity claims.

Pat Boland, FCCI claims specialist, always protects our insureds and keeps their best interest in mind. He communicates with them on a level that makes the insured feel comfortable and confident in a situation they are seldom in. Pat confers with the agent before making an important decision. He is by far the best negotiator and communicator I’ve seen in this business.
Ryan McClendon, Vice President Marsh & McLennan Agency | Southeast Region See more kept promises


How Having a Dashboard Camera Helped Policyholders Avoid Costly Litigation and Quickly Resolve Insurance Claims 

A dashboard camera or dashcam is a small video camera mounted in a vehicle to record video footage while driving. These cameras have become increasingly popular and are widely used in trucks and other commercial vehicles.  The benefits for drivers and businesses include the following:

• Capturing evidence for insurance claim investigations

• Obtaining evidence for police investigations

• Reducing insurance fraud and helping avoid costly litigation

• Deterring theft and vandalism

• Monitoring driver performance and training new drivers

Download the Claim Case Study to see how dashcams have positively influenced FCCI's claims outcomes for policyholders.

FCCI Claim case study: stationary cameras

Why Every Business Should Have Stationary Surveillance Cameras for Protection

Having stationary video cameras at all types of businesses makes sense for many reasons. Cameras installed inside and outside a business can help deter litigation, vandalism, burglaries and theft by employees and customers. Having a recording of activity in and around a business can aid law enforcement investigations, help avoid frivolous lawsuits, improve workflow, create a safer work environment and reduce insurance claims.

On-premises security cameras can assist with the investigation of many different types of insurance claims. When cameras are focused on areas of ingress/egress, they can also help verify auto claims for insured vehicles coming and going on company property. 

Download the Claim Case Study to see how stationary cameras have positively influenced FCCI's claims outcomes for policyholders.

Find a Provider

Whether it's auto repair or workers' compensation, FCCI connects you with providers in our trusted network to make settling claims as painless as possible.

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FCCI Insurance Group policyholders can go online anytime and access Auto Repair Select, FCCI's auto direct repair program directory.

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Medical Select is FCCI's workers' compensation medical provider network. We can help injured workers locate qualified medical providers in their area.

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