Protecting Your Greatest Asset

Your people are your company’s greatest asset. Your business depends on them. No one wants their employees to get hurt on the job, but when it happens, FCCI’s workers’ compensation coverage is there to help.

FCCI has provided quality workers’ compensation insurance coverage since 1959. We have a long history of caring, and our experience shows in the relationships we build. We offer a diverse product line including guaranteed cost, loss sensitive and dividend plans. Our experienced risk control consultants will help you provide a safe work environment for your employees.

We provide Medical Select, an online workers' compensation provider network for policyholders to easily access provider information. Our claim management strategies lead to quicker settlements and get your employees back to being themselves.

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Risk Control Spotlight: Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is part of an overall risk management plan.

FCCI’s Risk Control services will help you make sure you’re providing a safe work environment and minimizing risks to your employees and your business, such as Return-to-Work programs, OSHA training and more. Our consultants give you one-on-one attention to devise programs designed to prevent injuries and losses from happening in the first place.

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