Reduce the Risks You Face

FCCI's Vendor Alliance Program puts our policyholders in touch with partners that can help strengthen their workplace safety programs and reduce the risks they face every day. Many of the services are available at significant discounts. Here are a few of the vendors in this valuable program:


SafetyFirst offers a comprehensive suite of driver safety products and services aimed at preventing commercial vehicle collisions. Offerings include a safety hotline decal based driver oberservation program, telematics, driver training, Motor Vehicle Records (MVR), and MVR Monitoring. Watch SafetyFirst’s four-minute product overview.



Cellcontrol has been using technology to reduce distracted driving since 2009. Their solution is used by Fortune 500 companies worldwide to reduce the expense and liability related to distracted driving and combat the largest cause of workplace fatalities: motor vehicle crashes. These preventable deaths are at a 50-year high, driven up by increased mobile phone use. Cellcontrol customers report a 50x ROI on their solution in the first year and accidents by reduced 30-50 percent. All of this is accomplished through an easy-to-implement and use patented technology platform.

Driver's Alert

Driver’s Alert serves managers of large and small vehicle fleets with safety solutions that improve driver behavior and mitigate financial losses. They were one of the first companies to offer a third-party decal-based driver observation program and have fielded more than 30 million calls under their 1-800 "How's My Driving" program. Driver’s Alert also offers technology-based solutions that include GPS and telematics tracking, Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) reviews, and mobile friendly employee safety and health eLearning.

Lehigh CustomFit

Lehigh CustomFit is a comprehensive online safety footwear program run by Lehigh Outfitters, which offers more than 60 brands and 1,600 styles of protective footwear designed to prevent accidents and injuries. Their product offerings include safety shoes, foot and toe protection, slip and puncture resistant boots, waterproof, static dissipative and fire resistant clothing, and more. Lehigh CustomFit offers ASTM International approved footwear.

Evolved Safety

Evolved Safety provides a variety of health and safety training resources for businesses, such as video, virtual reality, learning management systems, online OSHA compliance training, custom content creation, and more. 

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FCCI’s Vendor Alliance Program is offered to assist policyholders in compliance and risk control efforts and does not attempt to identify all legal requirements, potential hazards or remedial actions. FCCI Insurance Group shall not be liable for any claim, loss or expense arising out of the use of any suggested risk control measures or the purchase or use of any resource, product or service provided by any vendor referenced herein. FCCI is not affiliated with and has no ownership, control or interest in the vendors or the resources, products or services. FCCI makes no representations and provides no legal advice regarding such resources, products or services referenced herein. You are solely responsible for complying with federal, state and local laws, including compliance with any changes in the law, and for the safety of your operations.