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FCCI Insurance Group provides commercial property and casualty insurance. When we issue a policy, we make a promise. And we've been keeping our promises since 1959. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have with our agents and policyholders. Our commercial insurance products include:

  • Commercial Auto Insurance

    We'll provide you coverage for bodily injury and property damage caused by or to vehicles used in your business.

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  • Commercial Crime Insurance

    We help protect your business from financial loss due to criminal acts, including burglary, robbery, computer fraud and theft.

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  • Commercial Property Insurance

    We offer coverage for buildings, business personal property, property of employees, property of others, leased or rented property, and other types of fixed property.

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  • General Liability Insurance

    We offer businesses liability coverage for bodily injury or property damage arising on and off premises, including work-in-progress, products and completed operations.

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  • Inland Marine Insurance

    We offer coverage to protect personal property in transit, mobile equipment and property of others. If you conduct business on the go, inland marine insurance is essential.

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  • Surety Bonds

    We offer commercial and contract surety products designed to meet a variety of business needs by building strong relationships, efficient processes and a positive, solution-based approach to underwriting and service.

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  • Umbrella Insurance

    We offer catastrophic coverage over and above a commercial auto and general liability insurance program. Umbrella insurance closes the gaps in standard coverage.

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  • Workers' Compensation Insurance

    We provide benefits to employees for work-related injuries or illnesses, including costs associated with medical care, lost wages, and loss of life.

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FCCI Coverages Map

FCCI operates through regional offices in the Southeast, Gulf Coast, Midwest, Southwest, Mid-Atlantic and Florida. We continue to expand and diversify our operations, while delivering specialized market expertise and a local presence.

FCCI provides commercial property and casualty insurance and surety bonds in more than a third of the U.S. For our licensed agents, surety is also available in the additional states of Arizona, Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska.

map showing states FCCI covers

Risk Control Services

Customized Risk Management Plans

We meet with policyholders to learn the unique nature of their business. Our risk control consultants work to devise a risk management plan designed to save lives, prevent accidents and keep insurance costs down. By providing clear goals, action plans and survey schedules, our consultants help policyholders accomplish their safety objectives.

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Helen Crockett, President, The Crockett Insurance Group, Vero Beach, FL

Business insurance, also called commercial insurance, protects business owners and their workers from losses. Specific commercial insurance coverages can protect against risks like property damage, theft, lawsuits and injury to employees.

If you run a business, you need coverage. Most states require some kind of minimal insurance for businesses to even operate. You also want to protect your business from risk and losses (such as theft, damage, work-related injuries or lawsuits). Without the right coverage, you could be left to pay damages out-of-pocket. Business insurance helps you recover from financially devastating losses.

All businesses need commercial general liability insurance to protect against lawsuits. If you have any employees, your business needs workers' compensation insurance. If you own or operate any vehicles in your business, your business needs commercial auto insurance. If you own or lease any property or equipment, your business needs commercial property or inland marine insurance. Most businesses also need a commercial umbrella policy to provide catastrophic protection. There are many additional coverages available based on the specific needs of your business. Your agent and FCCI will help you build the right policy to protect your business.

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Standard commercial policies often don't cover losses from all natural disasters like floods and other weather events. You may require additional specialized policy coverage. Intentional and fraudulent acts are also not covered by standard professional liability policies. It's always best to discuss specific coverage questions with your agent.

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