We cover the unexpected

Our commercial crime insurance policies can be designed to fit the needs of most businesses.

No one plans on being the victim of a crime and no one wants to live in fear. But you can and should take precautions to prevent crime in your business and to cover you in the event that crime occurs.

Find peace of mind with FCCI’s versatile crime coverage. When combined with smart preventative risk control measures, it provides coverage for financial loss due to criminal acts including burglary, robbery and employee theft. One of our agents can walk you through how to best protect your business.

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Prevention Goes a Long Way

Most people think break-ins, burglary and employee theft are the only kinds of crimes that affect businesses. But there are other kinds of commercial crime.

FCCI risk control consultants will conduct a deep analysis of potential threats unique to your business and help you devise a risk management plan that will help mitigate vulnerabilities and prevent risk.

We offer our policyholders in-depth risk management tools like crime prevention checklists and other resources that increase awareness and security.

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