FCCI works with policyholders to protect your business, employees, property, automobiles and customers from losses due to accidents.  Risk is our business, and we offer many services to help business owners better understand and minimize the losses they face every day.


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Risk Control Consulting

Our consultants collaborate with you to minimize the cost of risk and protect your most valuable assets.  We will offer service wherever you conduct business and our consultants are dedicated safety and risk management professionals.


Learn what our Risk Control Consultants can do for you
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It was fantastic! I had thought [our Risk Control Consultant] was just here for a facility audit, but she also went through our safety plan. She has a wealth of knowledge and gave us a lot of pointers that will help us get the plan in shape rather quickly."
Ecological nursery and plant restoration policyholder Bloomington, IN

What you can expect as an FCCI Policyholder

Customized Risk Management Plans

We meet with policyholders to learn the unique nature of their business. Our risk control consultants work to devise a risk management plan designed to save lives, prevent accidents and keep insurance costs down. By providing clear goals, action plans and survey schedules, our consultants help policyholders accomplish their safety objectives.

FCCI's teaming approach to risk control and claims sets us apart from other carriers. When claims and risk control work together, we can try to prevent losses from happening in the first place.

Our proactive service plans include:

  • Practical strategies for improvement
  • Results-driven processes
  • Measurable outcomes


Contractor and Risk Control Consultant at jobsite

Atlantic Hurricane Season is Here

The Atlantic hurricane season runs June 1 through November 30.

Hurricane force winds, tornados and flood waters can quickly damage structures and equipment. Your business should have plans for preparing for hurricanes. Use these resources to help you prepare:

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

Hurricanes, Before and After

Tornado Preparedness

Distracted Driving Awareness

Every day, distracted driving causes at least nine fatalities and 100 collision injuries. Cell phones, dashboard touchscreens, voice commands and other in-vehicle technologies can pose a threat to our safety and are hardly worth the convenience they offer.

Distracted Driving awareness is important to recognizing the dangers of and eliminating preventable deaths. Renew the commitment to yourself and your loved ones by ignoring all distractions while driving.  

Watch our series of Driving Safety videos on YouTube

FCCI Risk Control on LinkedIn

Follow the FCCI Risk Control Showcase Page on LinkedIn, where we share the latest news in risk management.
Recent topics include emerging issues such as OSHA updates, hurricane advisories, FCCI’s Cell Phone-Free Campaign and a series for National Safety Month. We’ve also shared consultant highlights and a story about the importance of eye protection, as contributed by a policyholder.

Do you have the right policies in place to keep your employees safe?

Visit our LinkedIn Risk Control page to see stories like how these safety glasses prevented injury

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