We have a policy that's right for you

FCCI offers specialized, flexible coverage to mitigate the risks of owning and operating an office building or other commercial real estate.

We provide personalized underwriting to make sure your office building and commercial real estate insurance policy fits your business.

Office Building and Commercial Real Estate Solutions

  • Banks or Financial Institutions
  • Commercial Office Parks
  • Industrial Park Buildings
  • Consultants Offices
  • Diagnostic Testing Laboratories
  • Lawyers Offices
  • Mailing/Addressing Companies
  • Medical Offices
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Sales/Service Organizations
  • Upscale Strip Malls and Shopping Centers

We offer specialized coverage for office buildings and commercial real estate, including coverage for:

  • Fine arts
  • Electronic data processing equipment
  • Sewer or drain backup
  • Building foundations
  • Utility services
  • Employee theft

FCCI's Premier Package Policy is also available. 

Risks We See

FCCI experts partner with local agents to offer specialized risk management plans. Slide the blue tab to see some of the risks we help office owners manage.

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