Coverage For Property On the Move

Inland Marine insurance has its origins in ocean marine insurance. As commerce expanded inland, the need developed to extend this coverage beyond the ports to inland warehouse locations. Today, Inland Marine includes a wide array of coverages for property damaged away from your premises. If you keep equipment at a job site, transport goods or conduct any other business on the go, Inland Marine insurance is essential.

FCCI’s Inland Marine insurance protects personal property in transit, mobile equipment and property of others. Coverage may be provided for accounts receivable, electronic data, signs and valuable papers, as well as contractor’s equipment, property in transit, and goods in others’ care, custody and control.

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About FCCI Inland Marine Insurance

Many policyholders have coverage needs that may not be provided in a standard property policy.

FCCI can provide the much needed protection to safeguard your business from Inland Marine risks, such as construction builders risk and contractors' equipment, motor truck cargo and mobile equipment, accounts receivable, Bailee liability, valuable papers, technology equipment and more. 

As a company founded by contractors in 1959, FCCI Insurance Group understands the complex risks that contractors face. We are committed to providing a wide array of Inland Marine solutions for all types of contractors and construction businesses.

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During the course of a construction project, the exposures and potential for losses change. The risk of property damage and financial consequences can delay the building process or stop it completely. 

FCCI's Builders Risk protects property structures and materials during new construction or renovation. Our comprehensive coverages and flexible enhancements can be tailored for a variety of construction projects. 

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Tools, equipment and machinery are crucial to getting the job done for any size contracting business. The use and transferring of equipment and machinery from one job-site to another can take its toll. Equipment damage, vandalism or theft can stall productivity, costing time and money.

FCCI's Contractor's Equipment solutions provide broad coverage and flexible enhancements tailored for the specific needs of contractors. Losses can't always be avoided, but with FCCI's Contractors Equipment solutions, contractors can manage their risks and investments with the right protection to keep business moving.

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Floater Coverage for Installation Projects

Contractors need protection from a variety of risks while performing installation work on new or existing structures. FCCI's Installation Floater provides broad and unique coverage for the personal property of others during installation as well as the supplies, machinery, fixtures and equipment that are part of the installation project. 

Riggers Coverage for Moving Property & Equipment of Others

Contractors who lift, move and set in place the property of others also need specialized protection to limit their exposure. FCCI's Riggers Coverage protects contractors and construction riggers while handling the property of others in their custody. This protection allows riggers to perform important functions at ease, without the worry of an accident destroying their business or reputation. 

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From point of departure to delivery, FCCI's Transportation, Cargo and Warehouse coverages provide the much needed protection to keep freight moving forward.

  • Transportation coverage protects a business’ property while it is being shipped by various modes of transit. Coverage includes shipments to and from the place of business.
  • Motor Truck Cargo coverage provides liability protection to truckers and motor carriers while they are hauling the property of others.
  • Warehouse coverage provides liability protection to a warehouse operator for the property of others stored in the operator’s warehouse. 

We are committed to providing a wide array of Inland Marine coverage solutions for a broad range of property in transit and on-site. We’ll help you manage the risks and protect your business.

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