Coverage For Property On the Move

Inland marine insurance has its origins in ocean marine insurance. As commerce expanded inland, the need developed to extend this coverage beyond the ports to inland warehouse locations. Today, inland marine includes a wide array of coverages for property damaged away from your premises. If you keep equipment at a job site, haul goods or conduct any other business on the go, inland marine insurance is essential.

FCCI’s inland marine insurance protects personal property in transit, mobile equipment and property of others. Coverage may be provided for accounts receivable, electronic data, signs and valuable papers, as well as contractor’s equipment, property in transit, and goods in others’ care, custody and control.

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Risk Control Services

A properly designed and implemented Risk Control program can help you control loss exposures, prevent accidents and avoid costly and unnecessary claims against your business. Successful companies have long recognized that the money they spend on safety programs typically provides a superior return on their investment.

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