From catastrophe to recovery

How a hurricane produced a rapid claims response.

When Tropical Storm Ian formed innocently in the Caribbean Sea on Monday, September 19, 2022, little did we expect the mass devastation and turmoil that followed. On Saturday, September 24, the National Hurricane Center changed its forecast to a potentially catastrophic, Category 4 hurricane with winds between 130-156 miles per hour. A state of emergency was declared for Florida. Hurricane Ian was gaining intensity and was projected to make landfall near Tampa, Florida, on Wednesday, September 28. People on Florida’s Southwest Coast quickly prepared and anxiously waited as Ian barreled toward them.

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Delivering comfort in the wake of a weather catastrophe

FCCI teammates demonstrate concern and compassion for customers affected by Hurricane Ian.

All successful businesses operate to generate revenue and profit. It’s the engine that makes our economy grow and prosper. The insurance industry and FCCI are no different. But beyond the financial statements, balance sheets and operations is another critical component for success — personal engagement.

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When every minute counts

After a deadly tornado outbreak, a fast response and personal service make all the difference.

Insurance coverage is something we all know we should have, especially when living in a part of the country where natural disasters are more prone to occur.

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Picking up the pieces

How one policyholder trusted FCCI to make things right.

Many of us believe that tornadoes only happen during the daylight hours because of the video news footage we’ve seen – dark, swirling funnel clouds coming out of a ferociously stormy sky, sporadically touching down, and leaving paths of destruction in their wake.

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FCCI Keeps its Promises in the Midwest Region

At 2:00 a.m. on April 17, 2019, a devastating fire broke out that would forever change the lives of Amy and Tony Dennis, owners of Test Development Innovators in Morton, Illinois. FCCI was on the scene, as the building still smoldered, to assure our policyholder that we had their back.

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