What Does FCCI Stand For?

Originally, FCCI stood for Florida Contractors and Construction Industries. After expanding in 1970s, the name was changed to Florida Construction, Commerce & Industry. After further expansion we pondered whether or not to change our name, but decided on the acronym that built our past and will see us into the future.

Today, FCCI stands for comprehensive coverage, exceptional service, and an ongoing promise to be the best carrier we can be.

FCCI hisotrical logo - Florida Construction, Commerce & Industry

An FCCI logo from 1977

Our History

FCCI was founded in Sarasota, Florida in 1959. It was started as a self-insurance fund by a group of local business owners who wanted to save money on the cost of workers’ compensation insurance.

In 1975, Florida independent insurance agents were chosen to represent the FCCI Fund, and just a year later, FCCI surpassed $2 million in annual premiums.

During the 1980s, the FCCI Fund became Florida's #1 writer of Workers' Compensation, serving more than 5,000 employers and writing $67 million in annual premiums.

FCCI writes business in 20 states, and we're setting the groundwork for additional, carefully planned and supported growth. We listen to our agents about their customers' needs and thoughtfully plan our growth and diversification by expanding into additional states, increasing market share in our current states, and offering new products. 

FCCI Insurance Group remains true to the core values that our policyholders and agents have come to expect from us — Loyalty, Integrity, Vision, Excellence and Service. Our commitment to these core values and our ability to keep our promises makes us a leading carrier of choice — now and in the future.

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An Advertisement from 1982

An Advertisement from 1982

In the 1990s, FCCI began writing other lines of business in addition to the exceptional workers’ compensation we’d become known for.

By 1999, FCCI expanded beyond Florida, opening our Southeast Regional Office in Georgia. The following year we acquired Monroe Guaranty in Carmel, Indiana, and continued to grow, writing business in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and Michigan.

And in the digital world, we launched ExpressServe in 2003 as on online service center for agents and policyholders.

FCCI's Corporate Headquarters in Sarasota, FL

FCCI's Corporate Headquarters in Sarasota, FL

Our 50th anniversary in 2009 brought the acquisition of Brierfield Insurance Company in Jackson, Mississippi, which became our Gulf Coast Regional Office.

In 2011, we moved into Virginia, furthering our expansion in the Southeast Region, which continued in 2012 when we moved into Maryland.

That same year, we formed the Southwest Region and began writing business in Texas. The region now includes Oklahoma as well.

FCCI's Southwest Regional Office in Richardson, TX

FCCI's Southwest Regional Office in Richardson, TX

We’re especially proud of the A rating we earned from A.M. Best in 2013. That same year, we also moved into Louisiana and Arkansas. By 2014, FCCI was writing business in 17 states with offices in Georgia, Indiana, Mississippi and Texas.

In 2017, we formed the Mid-Atlantic Region to encompass Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and D.C., and in 2018, we opened our eighth office in Glen Allen, Virginia, just outside Richmond.

On April 1, 2019, FCCI celebrated 60 years of keeping promises. We are now writing business in 19 states, and our headquarters is still located where it all started in Sarasota, Florida.

FCCI teammates form the shape of an A

FCCI teammates celebrate our A Rating in 2013

Our promise begins with our people

Throughout our history, FCCI's greatest strength has been our people. 

We don't just have employees - we have teammates, who work together to deliver our company promises.

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