effective virtual training

FCCI has been a valuable partner and has adopted virtual meeting/ training to share best practices and promote safety. All of our branches have benefited from our partnership with FCCI as a result of their willingness to switch to virtual training. We especially appreciate the efforts and support of the FCCI team finding ways to get the job done under these unusual circumstances. Chad Johnson, Owner Pheonix Landscape Management

risk control and claims: Powerful Tips & Stories

In the heat of the moment, many people don't know what to do immediately following a vehicle accident. Adrenalin is pumping and the mind is not thinking clearly. Susan Kilgore, senior claim adjuster, and Kevin Bishop, risk control specialist, helped prepare Phoenix Landscape Management's employees - in a virtual setting - for these unfortunate moments.

During the virtual training, they reviewed FCCI's accident reporting forms, driver safety materials, auto accident do’s and don’ts, along with investigation tips and workers' compensation reporting guidelines. Susan used powerful, real life claim stories to engage the participants.

COVID may have changed the way we offer safety training; it has not changed the quality of services we deliver to our customers. We remain steadfast in our delivery of an exceptional customer experience.


Kevin Bishop and Susan Kilgore

Kevin Bishop and Susan Kilgore

Most of our policyholders, especially their employees, do not have interactions with the claims team until they have an accident. Connecting with them, in partnership with risk control, before a loss occurs, allows me to explain the claims process while emphasizing the benefits of risk control. In these conversations, they understand the importance of accident avoidance and learn we have their best interests up front.
Susan Kilgore, Senior Claim Adjuster FCCI Insurance Group